No Compromises

Our philosophy is as simple as the goal: eliminate unnecessary bulk and weight until we’re left with the essentials to make modern warfighters better. But minimalism isn’t enough. Each component of the 0331 Tactical architecture must serve multiple purposes to ensure end users going into harm’s way enjoy a wide array of latitude in the kit for total combat effectiveness.

Featured Gear

Are you in need of All-Terrain, All-Day solutions? Do you have speed and flexibility in mind? How about low-profile and rapid deployment? Whatever your mission’s needs, 0331 Tactical can fulfill your needs with ever evolving tactical solutions for evolving missions.

Plate Carriers


Tactical Bags


Tactical Gear

No Compromises.
Only Quality.

Our experience as Marines told us to adapt and overcome. And it’s that experience that’s laid out executed in our high quality plate carriers and accessories.


Made in the USA

0331 Tactical Gear

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