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Our specialty isn’t maritime gear; it isn’t mountain climbing; nor is it crossing the endless desert. It’s everything. Experience hard-earned through missions and expeditions in hostile weather and terrain have eroded away the hype and left behind the imperative. We make gear for you, whether you’re defending your home, deployed at sea, ensuring public safety, or traversing a desert to climb a mountain. Although every mission has its unique necessities, our hybrid dual-use designs ensure you’ll always have what you need, and nothing you don’t weighing you down.

For years, we kept buying gear that was almost what we needed. Fed up with modifying gear to shoehorn it into compliance with our use cases, we decided to build our own. While our roots are in military and law enforcement, we spend most of our spare time exploring the world’s wildest places.

Born From Machine Guns

Our experience as Marines taught us that many times, gear isn’t properly integrated. Different manufacturers built different things for different purposes. We wanted gear that fully integrates for its purpose. Machine gunners above all else know the struggle of being forced to use equipment designed for other purposes and shoehorning in your own needs.

0331 About
0331 About


Between hot deserts and the inhospitable terrain of the highest mountains, we brought together decades of experience traversing the Earth’s toughest climes. Today, we wield that experience to shape products designed for Americans to survive combat operations in adverse conditions. Whether you operate in a city, in the mountains, in the forest, or in the desert, 0331 builds tactical and outdoor gear designed for real end user needs.

Integration of tactical and practical has long been everyone’s goal, but many products are designed by groups of marketers—not end users. We’re not concerned with focus groups; we’re concerned with mission success. When and where we find gaps that must be filled, we will fill them. And while our opening salvo of products reside in the tactical realm, we are not satisfied to sit back and ignore the outdoor market, either. Climbers, hikers, photographers, and others struggle constantly to force their gear to work for them.

With that in mind, we wanted to ensure our brand extended from the tactical realm to other areas where end users are struggling to find the right gear for their needs. Our logo is derived from the military map symbol for a machine gun emplacement—our roots. But we evolved it to evoke the essence of the wilderness; mountains, rivers, and ultimately the shape of a question mark. The delta is the essence of it all; change and the opportunities in building new capabilities through design and specialty materials. Evolving gear for evolving missions means breaking the rules and figuring out new ways to utilize gear and design principles—even some sacred cows.


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