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What is 0331 Tactical?

Anyone that’s ever carried a belt-fed weapon into combat knows the burden of carrying a giant weapon system, ammunition and associated gear. Even though you might have a specialized pack or pouches, all of your equipment stems from the same production and procurement methods that produced the already bulky and heavy equipment a rifleman carries.

Our experience as Marines told us to adapt and overcome.

Our philosophy is as simple as the goal: eliminate unnecessary bulk and weight until we’re left with the essentials to make modern warfighters better. But minimalism isn’t enough. Systems designed for modularity, scalability and dual-use components allow end users to customize their gear for the mission at-hand. So each essential component of our architecture must serve multiple purposes to ensure end users going into harm’s way enjoy a wide array of latitude in their kit for total combat effectiveness.

What Body Armor Do you Recommend with your Plate Carriers?

While many of your U.S. made body armor plates will be perfectly compatible with our plate carrier systems, we teamed up with RMA Armament – America’s most trusted body armor manufacturer – to produce a line of soft good tailored to the armor plates of the people.

Body Armor in the hands of everyday citizens and law enforcement is critical to the defense of a free nation. our partnership moving forward ensure excellent fit, reliable wear and non-stop performance for the enormous number of armor plates in the hands of everyday people – not just SEAL team 6.

You’ll find a multi-fit architecture and suggested array of plates we built our carriers to fit to ensure the most compatible marriage of armor and carrier.

What is the Sierra Plate Carrier?

The Sierra Plate Carrier is an all-terrain, all-day solution to heavy armor systems with unnecessary additions and ultra lightweight carriers without enough modularity or comfort. The Sierra combines elegant minimalism and all-day comfort in one revolutionary design.

The Sierra Plate Carrier is available in Medium/Large with dual plate pockets for 10X12, Medium, and Large SAPI plates. We also have a Sierra XL version as well, which also boasts dual plate pockets for Large or Extra Large SAPI plates.

What is the Rift Plate Carrier?

The Rift Plate Carrier is a lightweight, low-profile plate carrier designed to fit a rapid deployment situation such as an active shooter or home defense. The Rift Plate Carrier offers a variety of configuration options despite its no-frills design.

The Rift and Rift XL plate carrier each fill the gap between affordable pricing and advanced feature sets, so it’s capable in any situation that requires rapid up-armoring.

What is the Mule Carry Bag?

The Mule Carry Bag is a gear bag that’s more than just a workhorse. Since there’s no easy, compact way to transport armor plates, your plate carrier, helmet and chest rig, it’s almost like you NEED a mule.

The MULE gear bag does it all – and more. With room for expansion, it holds a plate carrier with plates (even side plates!) and a helmet. It even allows you to add QASM buckles to attach your chest rig to the hybrid expansion system, if needed.

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