Krypsys Concealable Plate Carrier


A True Covert Plate Carrier

Concealability with 10×12 or Medium SAPI Plates

Wolf Grey

Berry Compliant and Made in USA.



Like a chameleon that changes its skin color to adapt to its surrounding environment, the Krypsys Concealable Plate Carrier from 0331 Tactical is a truly covert piece of protection against ballistic threats in urban environments. Berry compliant and manufactured to be concealed beneath normal clothing options, the Krypsys is made to be outfitted with 0226 IIIA Plates, IIIA soft armor panels, and our amazing ESRT concealable rifle plates for every day wear.

However, this concealable plate carrier is the first of its kind to also truly conceal rifle rated body armor. Up armor with the ultra-thin Enhanced Special Rifle Threat plate and you can stay protected against common 5.56×45 and 7.62×39 rounds, including multiple impacts from M855A1 and also 7.62×39 API-BZ.

American-built with NySpan and breathable wear face mesh makes for an extremely durable, comfortable concealable plate carrier that will also contour to your torso as you move throughout your day and activities. The low-profile design of the wolf grey plate carrier accommodates bottom-loading plate insertion capability. Additionally, it is built with fully adjustable shoulder straps.

0331 Tactical took concealability to the next level. The side-opening VELCRO® stretch cummerbund also ensures a smooth front and back to minimize printing on your clothing. Lay-flat VELCRO® loop laminate on the shoulder straps ensures no bunching and bulging of fabric, as well as next-to-skin softness and comfortable padding. Stretch fabric plate bags also ensure a perfect fit with a variety of armor options without bunching or sagging. There’s no other concealable plate carrier like it.


Krypsys Key Features:

  • Truly Concealable.
  • NySpan Shell with Breathable Wear Face Mesh
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Extremely lightweight and covert.
  • Side-opening stretch cummerbund for maximum concealability.
  • Plate pockets load from the bottom.
  • Accepts 10×12 Soft Armor Panels, 0226 IIIA Plates, Medium ESAPI ESRT Armor Plates, or SRT Plate.
  • Will not accept side plates or side plate pouches due to low-profile concealable plate carrier design.
  • One year limited warranty on defects and workmanship.
  • Berry Compliant.
  • Made in USA.

Concealable Plate Carrier Sizing:

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